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The enemies are back... and this time... there's more of them.

Sometimes this world is just way too fucked up...

This time I got backup. Six terrific artists are in the mix, plus me. 

This is a catalogue of their enemies.

I had to cut a lot of entries that were just people that look and act like me, wearing clothes that I own and doing things that I do. But once we pared things down to the real cream of the crop of enemies who aren't me we got some real sparkling baddies.

Contributing their foes, its:

Mister Sandwich




U.F.O. Corpseboy III
Ice Janitor TG

Those are all clickable. Do some research.

My loyal, vicious Pseudonauts... Every one of them has made a righteous vow to eat me alive if we ever meet... so I guess I gotta keep it quiet when I steal their snacks.

Oh well. I can do that!

14 enemies

Seven artists or whatever

A barrel of laughs!

seventeen or so restraining orders

also it's fucking free.

Go ahead, indulge! I won't tell anyone. 

I promise.

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AuthorNeurotoxin Sommelier


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Who ate the babies?

dont worry about it


This is the thing ever best of. Fantastic.