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AMEN BREAK is a relatively rules light tabletop game about wandering a magic labyrinth of some sort and eating the people you meet there.  For minimum two people, ages 35 and up.

Reality bites. You chewing?

It features:

  • thirty pages, give or take
  • graphic design
  • slime mechanics
  • fell sorcery
  • random  generation tables
  • more random generation tables
  • pictures I drew
  • and words I wrote

Download it and give it a try.


A black and white version is now available for people who want to read the rules without being attacked, or don't like eyestrain or whatever.

A supplement with more tables, words and pictures is also gestating somewhere in here. Release pending whenever I get around to it.

Update: AMEN BREAK costs money now. Thank you to all of you who paid for it while it was pwyw. You are the blessed ones. My chosen few. I appreciate it. If you cant afford the 3 dollars or just like don't want to pay, hit me up on twitter or something (@strangerz0ne) and ill give u a download link.

Update Update: Fixed some typos, formatting issues, etc. Also improved the dungeon generation mechanics



Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this Curse you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:


Development log


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This is insanely gorgeous :O


the ideal roll on the puzzle table is 12, 7, than 17


lmfao thats hilarious, let me know how your players deal with it

jigsaw in his post-stroke era fr


This hurts to read. I'm enjoying it immensely

hell yeah, thanks! Thats dope to hear


The game looks badass and has very interesting mechanics I'm interested in running, but I don't think I fully understand the mutation system. Could you explain it to me?


Every time you cast a spell, it mutates you in some way that fits the spell. How drastic the change is depends on how powerful the casting was- weaker castings should mutate you less than stronger ones. What the actual mutation is is really up the player // the dm really, but id recommend making it something kind of freaky, that reflects the way a body would have to warp to produce the effect you're going for...

Does that help, or was there something else that you were unsure about?

(glad to hear you like the game- I'd love to hear how your sessions turn out)


I was hoping for some kind of indicative example, so I can figure wether if future ideas fall in the category of strong or weak mutations and balance them, as I'm still somewhat unfamiliar with the numbers here.

Still hanks a lot for the feedback and fast responses!! I'll tell you how it goes with my players, but I know a few who are gonna love it for sure!


An example, huh? Let me find my dice...

Ok, I rolled up "summoning disc". I have two ideas about how this spell could work. 

First, maybe it makes the person regurgitate a CD-rom that can be used with a computer to summon a person- maybe the disc contains a summoning program like in shin megemi tensei or whatever, that could be used if the players want to bring back an NPC that got killed or they just want to meet again or something like that. A mutation for that could involve the character's voice becoming computery- maybe their speech is bitcrushed, and a more severe form of the mutation could involve people not being able to understand them because their speech is too staticy. Or maybe a bad version of it involves their throat getting infected with malware, and sometimes when they try to talk they advertise penis enlargement pills or something like that.

My second idea is that when they use "summoning disc", it creates a disc (maybe they make a circle with their arms?) that a creature of some sort can get extruded out of. Maybe a friendly creature? Or if the casting goes badly it could be an enemy. A mutation for that could be all their flesh around the edge of the "disc" becoming discoloured or patterned or growing coral-like protrusions or something like that, or maybe some trait of the creature that was extruded from the disc. You could calibrate how much of a problem that is depending on how the roll goes, I suppose.

It's really just an oppurtunity for you to mess with your players, maybe introduce some body horror if you feel like it. Not every mutation needs to create a massive change in the character's life. And if it doesn't appeal to you there's no reason why you should linger on it too much or even include it at all...


I see! Thank you very much, I'm definitely including this mechanic in my games.

The adware mutation example killed me XD


hell yeah


This sure is a game that's happening to my eyes. I love it; the game is sweet, and it has hella Vibes. I think I'm gonna print the black and white version and find a box of crayons. 


fuck yeah dude I'm glad to hear that. send me some pictures when you do


Just finished reading through this and I have to say, it's awesome!  Unfortunately, now I am cursed and my days are numbered. I can only hope I can try this system at least once before I mutate into some terrible daemon. 10/10


I'm glad you like it! I hope you have a good time.

But don't worry! You can still play it after your apotheomorphosis. You have nothing to fear.


Hello! I adore Amen Break and I can't wait to run it with my group some day, but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the difficulty level table. What does MFP stand for?


Maximum Fluid Points. Looking at this page, I don't think I actually defined that anywhere in the text. FUCK!

thanks for pointing that out. I'll upload a rewritten version in a minute.

The number number of dice the DEMIURGE gets to roll is [the maximum capacity of the humour the player is rolling with] plus or minus a number depending on difficulty.

I'm glad you like AMEN BREAK! Thanks for checking it out. Let me know if you encounter another snafoo.


AMEN BREAK is such an interesting fucking ttrpg, the art is loud and beautiful, i genuinely lost my shit reading it several times, it gave me brain damage and i wish it was a zine on my coffee table. please check this shit out